HealeyIRF Team Headed to Sierra Leone — Including me!

The HealeyIRF team is headed to Sierra Leone next week and I am very excited to be participating in this trip. I have wonderful memories from my visit in December 2015. I hope everyone is making extra plantain chips for me, as they were delicious!

Catching up with our team in Sierra Leone is top on my list – Father Peter, Charles, Theresa, Michael, Albert and so many more. I can’t wait to see what has been happening in their lives.

But the critical part of the trip is work and reviewing our programs and ensuring that they are meeting the needs of the people.

Sierra Leone visits to Serabu, Father Dan Clinic and Our Lady of Guadualpe

First on our list will be a visit south to Serabu Hospital as HealeyIRF has a long association with this facility. It is about five hours away from Freetown but a beautiful drive. We will talk shop but also share what music we are listening too. This is an added benefit of the trip – I come back with new music to listen to. Music I am going to share – my favorite songs from the Broadway musical ‘Hamilton’ –which I have not seen but love anyway!

We will also visit the Monsignor Dan Sullivan Clinic in Newton. Named in Father Dan’s memory it is always moving to hear people talk about the impact he had on their lives. You can visit ‘Our Story’ on our website to learn more about Father Dan.

A trip up north is planned to visit one of our recent additions to the Charity Health Network – Our Lady of Guadualpe Clinic at Mile 91, run by the Clarissan Missionary Sisters. Serving a population of approximately 8,000 it is a mode of efficiency and quality healthcare. 

A visit to Sierra Leone would not be complete without a trip to their beautiful beaches! Luckily we will be touring a construction site that is very near to River #2. So my fingers are crossed that we will take a quick stroll on the beach.

Many, many more meetings are planned but these are some of the highlights. Stay tuned!

A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles.

–Tim Cahill


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