Travels to Salone – Part 2

St. Mary’s Fatima ICC – Children settling in and enjoying being kids In addition to supporting clinics and hospitals, HealeyIRF supports 27 orphans by providing funds for their education, food, … Read More

Support Prenatal Care in Sierra Leone

An estimated 8 women die each day from giving birth in Sierra Leone. Most of these deaths are preventable with proper care. Quality care while pregnant, during labor and after … Read More

Travels to Salone – Part 1

Part 1 of the April 2019 Trip Update A quote by comedian Amy Poehler aptly sums up our most recent project visit to Sierra Leone, “find a group of people … Read More

A Transformational Leader

This month, we’d like to take a moment to highlight one of our most inspirational stars, Sister Okechi Bernardine Njoku.  Sister Okechi is one of the few mental health professionals … Read More

The Renovation of Ward 9

Ward 9 of Connaught Hospital was dilapidated. Nurses would fan patients by hand to keep them cool. It was one of the busiest wings in the hospital, and yet it … Read More

Stars from St. Mary’s

 It began very simply. Father Peter Konteh heard a cry outside his parish door. Upon opening the door, he saw a small child wrapped in a blanket staring up into … Read More

How Mosquito Nets Can Save Lives

This Thursday, April 25th, is World Malaria Day.  Malaria is one of, if not the most, commonly diagnosed and treated diseases in Sierra Leone. In fact, 4 out of 10 … Read More

3 Easy Ways for #TurningScarsintoStars

Giving back can be easy. We’ve put together a list of three ways you can make the world a better place with Healey International Relief Foundation with just a few … Read More

Emmanuel’s Joy

The opportunity to simply be a child is perhaps the best gift that we can give to orphaned children. Emmanuel is one of twenty-six children at the St. Mary’s-Fatima Interim … Read More

Turning Scars into Stars: Mabinty

This is Mabinty. She’s like any other typical fourteen-year-old girl. She takes the bus to school during the week, studies, watches movies with her friends on Saturdays, and attends mass … Read More

Loreto Clinic Epilepsy Outreach

Living with epilepsy is difficult for anyone. But for people in Sierra Leone suffering from epileptic seizures, they face stigma and most lack the resources needed to pay for antiepileptic … Read More

Happiness Is…

This Wednesday is International Day of Happiness. Here at HealeyIRF we’re going to start the celebration early with the boys at our ICC. What makes you happy?  Comment below.

Health Strengthening = Improved Health Outcomes

A key component to improving health outcomes for women and children in Sierra Leone, is delivering quality health services. Ensuring that evidence-based interventions are used, collecting data and setting standards … Read More

Continued Relief for Flood and Mudslide Victims

“The Government of Sierra Leone did not aide me in my time of need.  When the Mudslide came through my community, I was left without a home.  I thank Caritas, … Read More

What the Health: Capacity Building to Support Mental Health Services

Sister Bernardine Okechi Njoku started out as an accountant and educator but has since found her true calling in psychology and counselling.  Many people sought Sister Njoku out and shared … Read More

Project C.U.R.E. Needs Assessment

In April 2018, four health facilities supported in the HealeyIRF Charity Health Network were the subject of a needs assessment administered by Project C.U.R.E. (Commission on Urgent Relief and Equipment).  Project C.U.R.E. serves to … Read More

Back Home to Salone

As we settle back in from our second trip of the year to Sierra Leone, we can’t help but reminisce on the beauty of the country and the strength of … Read More

What the Health: Dr. Robin Muller

The country of Sierra Leone has made undeniable progress in healthcare with better practices in place and implementing important healthcare staff, such as the Community Health Workers.  Capacity building of … Read More

What the Health: Dr. Patrick Turay

 40-50 patients per day, 6-7 days a week, with the occasional break for administrative work.  As Medical Director of Holy Spirit Hospital in Makeni, Dr. Patrick Turay is the heart … Read More

What the Health; Manjia Taylor

The time is 6 am in Sierra Leone and Manjia Taylor is waking up to begin her day.  She prepares her breakfast and then heads out to get an early … Read More

Series: What the Health?

Introducing the Unsung Heroes of Sierra Leone What comes to mind when you think of a Community Health Worker (CHW)?  The American Public Health Association (APHA) defines a Community Health … Read More

Art & Healthcare?

Are you inspired by art? In Sierra Leone art not only inspires but helps improve healthcare outcomes for women and children. Sierra Leone has for decades had high maternal and … Read More

A Young Child’s Wisdom

Salman Conteh, pictured right, was one of the first children admitted to the Newton Interim Care Center (ICC) when it opened during the Ebola crisis in 2014. Abandoned, alone, and … Read More

Video Blog – Flood & Mudslide Relief Efforts

Immediately Providing Care & Comfort As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  This month we hope you will enjoy our video blog. In pictures and … Read More

Devastating mudslide kills hundreds in Freetown

“It is indeed a sad day in Freetown.”  These are the words of our in-country director, Ishmeal Charles, as he and others from Caritas-Freetown were on site to aid the … Read More

Interfaith efforts produce lasting results

The people of Sierra Leone have shown that religious differences do not need to create crises but rather religions can come together and help solve a countries crisis. With a … Read More

The Story of Esther

The Story of Esther Our program manager received an urgent email from Sisters Agatha and Bernadette, caregivers at our Interim Care Facility (ICC) in Cline Town, Sierra Leone. “Please Megan, help us … Read More

It’s all in the name….

Its all in the name….what would your truck be called? Throughout many countries in Africa, there is a custom of painting names or sayings on trucks, buses, and public vans. … Read More

Update on Conrad H. Hilton Foundation Grant to Aid Capacity Building in Sierra Leone

  We only got these Sisters to stand still for this one picture! They were very excited to get started on their new challenge to aid in capacity building for health … Read More

Sierra Leone — A Warm Welcoming Hug

Having not been to Sierra Leone since December 2015, I was filled with excitement to return. We touched down at Lungi International Airport on March 15th after leaving a snowstorm in the … Read More

HealeyIRF Team Headed to Sierra Leone — Including me!

The HealeyIRF team is headed to Sierra Leone next week and I am very excited to be participating in this trip. I have wonderful memories from my visit in December … Read More

First 2017 Shipment of Medical Supplies Arrives

Our first shipment of medical supplies for 2017 recently arrived in Freetown, Sierra Leone.   Father Peter Konteh, Executive Director Caritas-Freetown and Sister Josephine Amara, the new Health Coordinator for Caritas-Freetown … Read More

Women & Children…our priority in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone has one of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world. Reducing these mortality rates for women and children is a priority for HealeyIRF.  As a result, … Read More

Donation a Cheerful Addition for Children

  HealeyIRF feels it’s the little details that bring a sense of home and bright smiles to children’s faces.  At our two Interim Care Centers (ICC) a recent donation from … Read More

Memunatu’s Story—Shy Now Bold

Our  In-Country Program Manager, Ishmeal Charles, sent us this recent update on our orphan and vulnerable children program in Sierra Leone. Message from Charles: The support from the Healey International … Read More

Donated Items Bring Joy During Holiday

Thank you from Sisters for Donated Items   Dear HealeyIRF, May the love, joy and peace of this special Season be with you and all at the Healey International Relief … Read More

Fire at Holy Spirit Hospital

On November 3rd, we received the devastating news that a fire at the Holy Spirit Catholic Hospital in Makeni totally destroyed the Molecular Biology & Immunology Laboratory, Physiotherapy Unit and … Read More

Father Peter Konteh – Helping Care for Ebola Orphans

Father Peter discuss efforts to care for Ebola orphans on the Busted Halo Show Listen to Father Peter Konteh, Executive Director of Caritas-Freetown  on the Busted Halo Show.  During this short … Read More

Freetown Floods Again

During the rainy season flooding is frequent in Freetown.  Our in-county manager Ishmeal Charles describes what this flooding is like and the toll it takes on the people. Report on … Read More