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Through the delivery of healthcare services, clean water, food, and educational training, the Healey International Relief Foundation embraces the needs of vulnerable individuals and families in Sierra Leone.
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Give the Gift of Education

A monthly donation of $8 can pay school fees for a child to attend school for one year.

Give the Gift of Support

A monthly donation of $41 can pay for food and housing for an orphan for one year.

Give the Gift of Life

A one time donation of $45 can help a mother deliver her child safely.

Give the Gift of Health

A monthly donation of $100 can pay for a health worker for one year at our clinics.

Our Work

The civil war in the 90’s left thousands of children homeless and many others without hope. Through caring for orphans, empowering women and rebuilding Serabu Hospital, Healey International Relief Foundation was on the ground in Sierra Leone with projects helping the vulnerable. By making a donation to the Healey International Relief Foundation, you help us to provide food, shelter, healthcare, and education in Sierra Leone.

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Become an advocate

Make a donation, support our wishlist, become a Scars2Stars monthly sponsor, spread the word, or ask about volunteer opportunities.

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