HealeyIRF Partnership Seeks To Improve Maternal Care

Healey International Relief Foundation (HealeyIRF) remains steadfast in its commitment to empower healthcare workers across our supported facilities through targeted training initiatives.   From workshops focusing on Quality Improvement and Mentorship to Emergency Triage Assessment and Treatment (ETAT) to Rational Use of Medicines, our efforts are aimed at enhancing the skills of healthcare professionals, serving as the pillars for sustainable change.

A key focus of HealeyIRF capacity building endeavors is the enhancement of skills in maternal care. While Sierra Leone has seen significant progress in maternal mortality rates, there is still considerable work ahead to ensure every woman receives the quality care she deserves during pregnancy. 

Partnership Key To Change

To address this, HealeyIRF is partnering with the Christian Health Association of Sierra Leone and Helping Children Worldwide and championing a multi-day train-the-trainer program scheduled for January 2024. Healthcare providers from the U.S., Canada, and Sierra Leone will collaborate with local midwives for a cross learning initiative, providing  them with essential skills and tools to advance maternal and newborn health services. The goal of this project will be to train 100 midwives.

“This training initiative will have a tangible impact on the health outcomes of pregnant women and their babies. By refining the skills of midwives and empowering them to train others, we aim to significantly strengthen the cadre of qualified midwives in Sierra Leone,” noted Josephine Garnem, HealeyIRF Executive Director.

Program Goals

The train-the-trainer program outlines six key goals:

  1. Enhancing midwives’ competence
  2. Increasing the capacity of midwives to train other midwives
  3. Promoting respectful and compassionate care for patients and families
  4. Promote self-care and reduce health professionals’ burn-out
  5. Fostering collaboration among organizations, families, and healthcare workers
  6. Improving maternal and neonatal health outcomes

“We take immense pride and are humbled in contributing to this nationwide endeavor. Enabling lasting, positive health outcomes for pregnant women and their babies in Sierra Leone through strategic capacity building is not just our mission; it’s our commitment,” affirmed Ms. Garnem.

Join Us In This Effort

You can support this effort by visiting our website at https://hirf.net/donate/

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