Memunatu’s Story—Shy Now Bold

Our  In-Country Program Manager, Ishmeal Charles, sent us this recent update on our orphan and vulnerable children program in Sierra Leone.

Message from Charles: The support from the Healey International Relief Foundation (HealeyIRF) to the Interim Care Centers (ICC) has made great difference in the life of the children. It was observed that these children who were very reserved are now bold in both their school and at home. 

Looking back at their individual profiles, some of these children were admitted into the home when they seemed lost in their lives. Most of them had only started going to school when they came into the Interim Care Center.

Today some of these children, who were not able to read, can now read and express themselves very well.

Memunatu makes great progress

Our Star girl for the month is Memunatu Dumbuya, pictured in the middle. Before she was admitted to the Newton ICC she was not able to go to school and could not read or write. But now Memunatu can read well and construct basic English sentences with ease. With the help of the reader textbooks that were provided by the Healey International Relief Foundation her reading skills are improving everyday.  She loves to read!

Shy when she first came to Newton, Memunatu now interacts with the other children in the home and is very open and friendly. The teachers at school now describe Memunatu as bold and outgoing.  Both the teachers and her caregivers at Newton (The children call them their Aunties and Uncles!) say she also loves to help others. The nurturing care, safe environment and educational books and toys provided by the HealeyIRF program has had a very positive impact on Memunatu and her future looks bright.

It Takes A Village to Raise a Child.

-African Proverb

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