Celebrating 20 Years of Service In Sierra Leone

How It All Started

On December 18, 2001 Robert Healey, Sr. established the Healey Family Foundation whose purpose was to provide support for vulnerable populations who were suffering from Sierra Leones’ brutal decade long civil war from 1991-2002.

Mr. Healey was moved to this action by visits to the U.S. from the Archbishop of Sierra Leone Joseph Ganda and his stories of the atrocities of the civil war in Sierra Leone and the great need among the people for help.

Early Foundation Programs 2005-20011

St. Mary’s Home for Children in Bo

HealeyIRF built a water well, sanitation facilities, perimeter fencing, volleyball court, and a library to support children orphaned by the war.

St. Stephen’s Amputee Clinic in Newton 

HealeyIRF supported vocational training programs to help civil war amputees.

Fatima House of Lights in Freetown

HealeyIRF supported with operating and education expenses. FHOL provided vocational training for vulnerable women.

Major USAID Award to Restore Serabu Hospital

In 2012, HealeyIRF, with funding from USAID, rehabilitated and restored Serabu Hospital, which was destroyed during the civil war. In addition, furnishings, equipment, and supplies were also provided.

The hospital is in a very rural part of the country and is a critical resource for the community.

Joining the Fight Against Ebola: May 2014 - March 2016
H.E.L.P. - Healey Ebola Lifesaving Project

HealeyIRF was one of the first on the ground bringing food and medical supplies to those in need.

Provided training to communities on how to defeat Ebola.

200,000 trained in safe burial & sanitation practices

$5.8 million in medical supplies delivered

Expanding Program Reach 2015 - 2021
HealeyIRF Impact

2020: $10.1 million in medicines, supplies, and equipment

Serve a health catchment population of 390,000

Ongoing capacity training to health staff in critical areas like maternal care, and childhood diseases

Here's to Another 20 Years of Turning Scars Into Stars

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