Emmanuel’s Joy

The opportunity to simply be a child is perhaps the best gift that we can give to orphaned children.

Emmanuel is one of twenty-six children at the St. Mary’s-Fatima Interim Care Center at River #2.  He’s described by his social worker, James as, “always happy when he is with others.”  James tells us that Emmanuel is always willing to entertain visitors with his silly, joyful spirit, going out of his way to make others happy.

Excitedly, Emmanuel shared when he is happiest, “I am always happy when I am in school with my friends and also when I come home to my brothers and sisters.”

In addition to enjoying his time with friends at school and family at the ICC, Emmanuel loves to participate in Sunday mass.  With lots of enthusiasm, Emmanuel can be found singing, dancing, and clapping in response to prayer.

Emmanuel’s compassion for others is not just reserved for the humans around him. He has a special fondness for animals, especially his two pet rabbits and the two new puppies Father Peter has brought to St. Mary’s-Fatima Interim Care Center.  

We hope to continue to foster the spirit of joy in Emmanuel through supporting the orphanage. To help HealeyIRF provide for Emmanuel and his brothers and sisters at St. Mary’s-Fatima ICC, click the button below to donate.



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