Christ the King Hospital – Happy Three Year Anniversary

June 2020

Waterloo Kissi Town Community is the site of a refugee camp that operated during Sierra Leone’s civil war (1991-2002).  It is also one of the fastest growing areas outside of Freetown.

Services for the population, especially health care services for the poor and vulnerable, were needed.

In early 2017, an opportunity arose for Caritas Freetown to acquire a building complex at Waterloo from Missionary Friends. But equipment, medicines, medical supplies and staff were needed in order to get the facility running.  Getting support would take time, but Father Peter Konteh, Executive Director of Caritas Freetown, knew waiting was not an option for those needing help.

“We do not choose where we are called to serve, but when called we must move forward even in uncertainty,” noted Father Peter.  “Pregnant women, children and those with chronic illnesses desperately needed health care services.”

Christ the King Opens

Christ the King Hospital in Waterloo, Sierra Leone opened its doors in June 2017.  Within a short-time the need for services was obvious. In December over 800 monthly patient visits were recorded, up from 427 from the first full month of operation in July.

Under the direction of Sister Josephine Amara, the facility has flourished with a focus on ensuring the community receives quality health care.

“Each year our patient visits increase, with 9,190 in 2018 and 9,311 in 2019,” said Sister Josephine. “We are very proud that the community has chosen to trust us with their care and three years have gone by so fast! We are looking forward to the future and providing additional services.”

Under-5 population reached

Of particular importance is that 63% of the outpatient population since the opening of Christ the King are children under-5. Sierra Leone has one of the highest under-5 mortality rates in the world and it is critical that this vulnerable population has access to health care. Life-saving child immunization services are offered at Christ the King. In 2019 nearly 3,000 under-5 immunization doses were administered.

HealeyIRF supports Christ the King Hospital with medicines, supplies and equipment. We want to take this opportunity to congratulate Caritas Freetown on the three-year anniversary of Christ the King Hospital.  They are truly meeting the needs for those in need.


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