Travels to Salone – Part 2

St. Mary’s Fatima ICC – Children settling in and enjoying being kids

In addition to supporting clinics and hospitals, HealeyIRF supports 27 orphans by providing funds for their education, food, and housing.  We recently consolidated two interim care centers to one location at River #2.  It’s safer and there is more space for the children.

We are always welcomed with great warmth and song, so it is always a real joy to spend time with the kids.

A special request made for this trip was tablets for the children to supplement their education.  When we pulled the tablets out of the bag and they realized what they were, there were great screams of excitement.

They promised they would study hard on their new tablets and only play a few games!!

Partnership helps enhance nutrition for children in Eastern Province

One of our partners, Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation has provided us with a generous donation of a multi-grain powder to supplement children’s diets.  During our visit to the Northern and Eastern Provinces, we delivered supplies to Our Lady of Guadalupe Clinic in Mile 91 and to the Handmaids Clinic in Pendembu.  Pendembu is about 6 hours from Freetown and is in a very rural and remote area.  Sister Anthonia was very happy to receive this supplement as they have a higher level of child malnutrition in this area and she felt it would be extremely helpful in addressing this critical health issue.

Partnership for Humanity Renovates Terminal Care Ward for Women

While supporting faith-based healthcare facilities is our number one priority, strong government hospitals that provide specialized care are important to create a strong and resilient health system for Sierra Leone.  That is why we partnered with Caritas-Freetown, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, and the Lanyi Foundation to renovate Ward 9 at Connaught Hospital in Freetown.  Connaught is the main adult referral hospital in Sierra Leone and also a teaching hospital.  The ward renovated was the women’s terminal care ward. Renovations included a new electrical system, new beds for patients and overnight staff, electric fans for each patient, repainted walls and tile floors. One of the nurses at Connaught, Hawa Bangura said, “We use to use paper to fan the patients.  We used to go and find chairs for them to sit on.  But now we have new things here.  I’m happy.  I’m the happiest nurse alive.”

Reflections on Visit

A visit to Sierra Leone always passes far too quickly.  There are always so many memorable events and life-changing moments.  This visit the 13-year old smiling faces of Josephine, Mabinty, and Isata are most in our mind. They have suffered much adversity in their life but are proof of the strength of the human spirit and that scars can be turned into stars.

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