The Renovation of Ward 9

Ward 9 of Connaught Hospital was dilapidated. Nurses would fan patients by hand to keep them cool. It was one of the busiest wings in the hospital, and yet it was in the worst condition.

Put into action by Caritas Freetown, the renovation of Ward 9 was a joint effort by The Partnership for Humanity consisting of the Healey International Relief Foundation along with Tzu Chi Foundation, and Lanyi Foundation.

Dr. Kisito Doah, Hospital Care Manager at Connaught, expressed his gratitude for the Partnership for Humanity’s work, “They wanted to do something for Connaught… They came to Ward 9. They chose it even though it was really in a very, very bad state. And for us, it’s really special.”

The ward was fully renovated with new paint, tiling, beds, nurse’s station, an electrical system, handrails, and even two televisions.

On April 12, 2019, the Partnership for Humanity handed over the newly renovated Ward 9 to Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Health and Sanitation 

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