Robert T. Healey, Sr.


Mr. Healey is an alumnus of Camden Catholic High School, Saint Joseph’s University and the University of Pennsylvania Law School. In 1956 he was admitted to practice law in the state and federal courts of New Jersey and the United States Supreme Court. During his 25 years practicing corporate and business law, Mr. Healey, in partnership with his brother, established Viking Yacht Company in 1964. This partnership expanded into Viking Associates, a real estate management and development company, which manages approximately 2,700 apartment units in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, as well as a strip shopping center and industrial park. Under Viking Associates is the Healey Investment Partnership which focuses on financial investment and money management.

However, what distinguishes Mr. Healey are his philanthropic interests. In 1988, he co-founded and funded Living Bridges International, which facilitated the adoption of poor Mexican children by American families, supported programs that provided over 2,300 meals a day to help feed poor children and built two schools which educate over 1,100 Mexican children daily. In 2008, Living Bridges International became Gleneayre Equestrian Program, whose mission is to provide at-risk children and teens with an opportunity for growth, self-discovery and responsibility and to reach their highest potential through nurturing and caring for horses. In addition, Mr. Healey established the Children’s Resource Center which owns and operates Ironwood Swim Club, a non-profit community swim center, and ropes course located on 85 acres along the Rancocas Creek in Lumberton, New Jersey.

In 1998, the International Education Foundation was established, which supported children from low and middle-income families who did not qualify for financial aid needed to attend Catholic schools, as well as private and public universities. In 2015 the International Education Foundation became the Healey Education Foundation. The Catholic School Development Program is an extension of the Healey Education Foundation. Mr. Healey became concerned about the future of Catholic schools in America, in particular the elementary schools, where enrollment has fallen by 15% in the past decade. The CSDP is Mr. Healey’s dynamic response to assisting these schools to grow and become self-sustaining.

The Healey International Relief Foundation (Healey IRF) was established as a result of the decade long civil war in Sierra Leone which ended in 2002. This war left the Country and its people ravaged, most of its institutions for human services destroyed, and people were left without food and shelter. Many of the children were left maimed, disabled and homeless. The foundation took on the mission of providing funds, medical equipment, orphanage support and educational needs for these poor and ravaged people. Healey IRF continues to work in Sierra Leone and is working to strengthen health care services to vulnerable populations through the country, in addition to programs providing care and education for orphans and women’s empowerment programs.