Improving basic education for all children is essential, especially in a country with an illiteracy rate of 43%. Poverty, gender discrimination, lack of funding for textbooks, untrained schoolteachers and long distances to school bring great challenges to young students in Sierra Leone. We are providing funding not only for school-age children, but also adults, to acquire the skill sets needed to achieve success in their lives. Education is the path forward to sustaining a solid future.

Financial support for the education of the 23 children at St. Mary’s-Fatima Interim Care Center (ICC), which includes books, uniforms, school fees, meals, and other essential school supplies. Children range from age 5 to 17 and are Primary School to Senior Secondary School. There are 15 girls and 8 boys.

Shipped school supplies, backpacks, textbooks, laptop computers and other items for essential learning throughout the last fifteen years.

Funding to support college fees for St. Mary’s ICC resident to attend University of Sierra Leone’s Institute of Public Administration and Management.

Our partnership with the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has awarded 24 scholarships for Holy Sisters in Sierra Leone to attend colleges and universities. To date 13 have graduated and 11 are still enrolled. Areas of study include medicine, nursing, public administration, mental health, and education

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Provide educational trainings and seminars for healthcare workers. Management of Childhood Diseases, Emergency Obstetric Care, and Data Management among the training staff received.

Contributes to Sustainable Development Goals