Quality medicines ensure quality care for vulnerable populations

November 2020

By Ishmeal Alfred Charles – In-Country Program Manager

The purpose behind every action determines its outcome. At the end and whole, the outcome of every medical treatment is birthed from the purpose of health improvement and gradual recovery. Only, this purpose is guaranteed when efficient medication is readily accessible. However, quality drugs are not always available in the medicinal market in Sierra Leone. As a result, there’s always uncertainty over the quality of medicines as much is counterfeit and substandard.

St. Anthony’s – A trusted treatment center

So for poor communities like Brookfield’s, Kroos Bay, Crab Town, Gray Bush, and Bololo most residents can only accept the quality of drugs sold by peddlers. These can often defeat the purpose of the treatment. Fortunately, there are a few trusted treatment centers, like St. Anthony’s Clinic for the Poor, where the hope of recovery shines bright. From Mondays to Sunday, patients with all sorts of complications queue. When interviewed, most of them commented on the “excellent quality service” available at the clinic.

Is it that St. Anthony’s Clinic manufactures special drugs? Is there some mystical power to make their drugs super-powerful? No! The secret is that the clinic is a beneficiary of medicines from the Healey International Relief Foundation (HealeyIRF).

On behalf of the clinics and hospitals in the Charity Health Network, HealeyIRF coordinates donations of medicines and medical supplies from organizations in the United States. After that, shipping the medicines and supplies to Sierra Leone and then distributing to the health facilities. That’s the magic!


Recently a shipment arrived with items donated by MAP International to HealeyIRF. Included in the shipment was paracetamol, also known as acetaminophen. It is typically used for mild to moderate pain relief and to relieve fever in children. Observing the positive impact of this particular drug supply was “immense” at St. Anthony’s Clinic. Staff and patients were pleased with the acetaminophen as patients said it improved their health.

In addition, Fatmata Kamara, a lactating mother, commented that the acetaminophen received at St. Anthony’s is “unusually effective and unlike what is locally available.”  Such a testimony!

Therefore, thanks to all our partners for the quality medicines. Because they truly help improve health outcomes for vulnerable populations in Sierra Leone.

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