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Ranked 182 out of 189 on the UNDP Human Development Index, Sierra Leone battles to rise above the devastation left after the decade long civil war, Ebola and cholera outbreaks and torrential flooding. The population contends with chronic unemployment, high maternal and infant mortality, illiteracy, malnutrition, and malaria.

Healey International Relief Foundation has been involved in Sierra Leone since 2001. Our projects in Sierra Leone are focused on helping those most in need by strengthening the healthcare system through our Charity Health Network, caring for orphan and vulnerable children, and providing disaster relief and recovery.

Health services offered at the facilities include surgeries, primary care, maternal and child health, general disease treatment and critically needed immunizations. To support these services HealeyIRF supplies medicines, medical supplies, and medical equipment. To enhance quality of care, we provide funding for capacity training for health care staff.

Health Systems Strengthening: Healey International Relief Foundation currently supports four hospitals and 10 clinics throughout Sierra Leone. Known as the Charity Health Network, these healthcare facilities are providing critical services to at-risk populations.

Orphan & Vulnerable Children: HealeyIRF is currently supporting St. Mary’s-Fatima House Interim Care Center at River #2.  Under the watchful eyes of Sisters Agatha and Felicia, 15 girls and 8 boys are now calling St. Mary’s-Fatima ICC home. We are providing the children shelter, food and education. A safe and nurturing environment for the children is our number one priority. 

Disaster Relief & Recovery: When disaster strikes in Sierra Leone, the Healey International Relief Foundation and its partners are among the first on the front lines. Providing immediate relief through food, blankets, clothing, and cash funds, our goal is to uplift affected communities and help them get back on their feet for the long-term. To increase our impact, along with Caritas Freetown, Tzu Chi Foundation, and Lanyi Foundation a consortium was formed, Partnering to Serve Humanity, which allows us to better coordinate our resources and provide a more effective response.


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