Donate monthly and provide ongoing support for orphan and vulnerable children, disaster relief and healthcare clinics.


Scars2Stars Monthly Giving Program

As a Star-Maker your monthly commitment will help us better plan for our day-to-day programs and our long-term development efforts. Become a Star-Maker and support our efforts in Sierra Leone to “turn scars into stars” by improving healthcare outcomes for women and children and caring for orphan and vulnerable children. 

Your donation ensures that the children at St. Mary’s-Fatima Interim Care Center will have food, housing, education, recreation, and everything they need to have a healthy, fulfilling life. In addition, your donations provide healthcare services to those who otherwise cannot afford it—because everyone deserves good health. 


It’s easy to get started. 


A monthly donation of $8 can pay school fees for a child to attend school for one year. 


A monthly donation of $41 can pay for food and housing for an orphan for one year. 


A monthly donation of $45 can help cover costs for a mother to deliver her child safely.


A monthly donation of $100 can pay for a health worker for one year at our clinics. 


Ways to Help