MAP International – Bringing Children Health Program

February 2021

Thanks to MAP International and their generous donation of amoxicillin through their Bringing Children Health Program. Now, hospitals and clinics across Sierra Leone received much-need medication to treat children suffering from infections.

Noted HealeyIRF Program Manager Ishmeal Charles, “Amoxicillin is essential in today’s healthcare service in Sierra Leone and our efforts to address our high under-five mortality rate. Reducing deaths, especially from pneumonia, will save a lot of young children’s lives. MAPs donation of amoxicillin is life-saving.”

The 2,400 bottles of amoxicillin were distributed to 18 private facilities throughout Sierra Leone in late 2020. Stella Maris, a faith-based clinic in the Juba community outside of Freetown, was very appreciative of the supply they received.  Under-fives represent 47% of their patient visits and for those suffering from respiratory infections, 60% are under-fives.

Children’s health improves

Fatu Sesay, a lactating mother, came to the clinic to seek care for her baby who was suffering from the early stages of pneumonia and a cough. Given the amoxicillin she said joyfully, ‘‘We thank all for providing these medicines as they benefit our children’s well-being.”

Another mother, Sallay Dumbuya, brought her five-year-old son Abdulai to Stella Maris as he had a throat infection. Within a few weeks, she was happy to report that her son was well. ‘‘It may have taken a long time if we relied on what is locally available but today my son has recovered and we can now sleep well at night.”

An issue that many facilities struggle with is counterfeit drugs that are in the market place. Nurse Aminata explained that the quality of the amoxicillin supplied by MAP supersedes what is available locally. She added, “The quality of this drug has provided Stella Maris with a reputation of having effective drugs for treatment and this is increasing the inflow of patients. There is really a difference between this amoxicillin and what we used to buy from local pharmacies in Sierra Leone.”

Thanks to MAP International and their Bringing Children Health program. It is certainly bringing improved health to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone.

By sending medicine to those in need, our assistance leads to more than improved health because a healthier population means stronger families and communities

Steve Sterling, President & CEO MAP International

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