Health Systems Strengthening

Healey International Relief Foundation currently supports four hospitals and ten clinics throughout Sierra Leone. Known as the Charity Health Network, these healthcare facilities are providing critical services to at-risk populations. 

Health services offered include surgeries, primary care, maternal and child health, general disease treatment and critically needed immunizations.

In 2020, 18,000 pregnant women received prenatal vitamins through our partnership with Vitamin Angels. These prenatal supplements support healthy pregnancies, promote fetal growth and healthy birth weights. 

In 2020, 34,000 Under-5 children received Vitamin A Supplement and Albendazole through our partnership with Vitamin Angels. Vitamin A improves nutrition and reduces illness. Albendazole eliminates parasitic worms.

In 2020, $9.5 million in medicines and medical supplies, and $615,000 in medical equipment was sent to Sierra Leone. This was used to support HealeyIRF facilities with catchment areas of approximately 390,000.  Needed antibiotics, antifungal and heart medicines were sent. Laboratory equipment such as, microscopes, centrifuges and diagnostic machines were shipped.

In 2019, HealeyIRF sponsored a mission visit with TRIMEDX Foundation to repair medical equipment. Over 300 pieces of equipment were inventoried at 10 health facilities and 155 pieces of equipment assessed or repaired.

In 2012, HealeyIRF, with funding from USAID, rehabilitated and restored Serabu Hospital, which was destroyed during the civil war. In addition, furnishings, equipment, and supplies were also provided.

Provide free health care to 60 war amputees, their 35 spouses and 50 children at Monsignor Daniel Sullivan Clinic in Newton.

Contributes to Sustainable Development Goals