The Story of Esther

The Story of Esther

Our program manager received an urgent email from Sisters Agatha and Bernadette, caregivers at our Interim Care Facility (ICC) in Cline Town, Sierra Leone.

“Please Megan, help us to save life.”

Visiting a village outside of Freetown, the Sisters were approached by a young girl begging for food. The Sisters are very accustomed to this but this child seemed sicklier than other children they had seen. Questioning those in the village about the child, Sisters Agatha and Bernadette learned the following about young 12-year old Esther.  

May 2017 email from Sisters             

Everybody in her family and community believed she was a witch. As such she was rejected and cruelly treated by all, but most especially by an extended family member who took her in after the death of both parents. 

From an interview with her, we found she was a sickly, needy child, and highly traumatized. Esther lived only on the charity of a few individuals and when her health allowed looked for food and medical care but was often left starving.  Since her mother’s death, Esther had been working like a slave for a lady who only offered her a little to eat.

We asked the lady to allow us bring to her with us to the ICC so that we could help her. She willingly accepted.

A medical examination showed that Esther is a diabetic and that her blood sugar content is very high.  We were advised on the type of diet she needed and we are all helping her to keep to it. She has been put on an insulin injection for life and must take two injections daily. 

Truly, we may be able to give our time, love and all the care and attention she needs, but all will not grant her relief from the awe she feels daily. Only eating the right food, which costs money, and taking the right medication will. There is a need for example, which everyone is stressing as essential and urgent, which is the instrument used to check the blood sugar. We would be very grateful if you can help us in any way possible to help us save this poor girls life.  Any form of help will be highly appreciated and nothing will be too small. 

Thank you from Esther 

What a sad beginning for Esther. Now her story is changing and she has a life surrounded by people who love her. With HealeyIRF assistance, Esther is getting the medical help she needs. During our visit in June we delivered the medical equipment and supplies that the Sisters requested. The attached photo shows Esther is happy and her health improving. 

Upon our return the Sisters sent the following message.

You have granted so much hope to Esther for survival. She was so pleased to get sugar-free sweets/snacks and to eat like other children. She is also appreciative that she got the blood sugar testing kit.

Esther is very grateful for all the beautiful things you sent for her. She loves the bag set too so much and that has given her the zeal and confidence and she wants to go to school now.

Love conquers all

The Story of Esther is truly the story of the power of love.  Thank you Sisters Agatha and Bernadette for not only the love you give to Esther but also to all the orphans at Cline Town ICC.

Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.

-Oscar Wilde




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