Women’s Empowerment

Women and girls are subject to high levels of violence in Sierra Leone. Patriarchal views, poverty and social class heighten the level in which women are treated, oftentimes leaving women and young girls vulnerable to many forms of abuse.  HealeyIRF believes that when women and girls have the tools and opportunities to succeed, their communities thrive.

Pay school fees for 15 girls at St. Mary’s Fatima Interim Care Center.

Funding to support college fees for St. Mary’s ICC resident to attend University of Sierra Leone’s Institute of Public Administration and Management.

After the civil war, Fatima House of Light was established to help young women who had been negatively impacted by the effects of the brutal conflict. In 2013, 60 women graduated in the fields of nursing, mechanics, office administration, and cosmetology.

In 2020, provided funding to support Clarissan Missionary Sisters Maria Ines Sewing Workshop. The workshop helps women create small local business through tailoring. With the funding they produced 15,000 facial masks.

Provide women access to respectful healthcare through the network of hospitals and clinics we support with medicines and supplies. Approximately 200,000 females are in the facilities catchment areas.

Support 80 women in four rural villages with seeds to care for their families and improve their livelihood.

Contributes to Sustainable Development Goals