Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes in Sierra Leone, the Healey International Relief Foundation and its partners are among the first on the front lines. Providing immediate relief through food, blankets, clothing, and cash funds, our goal is to uplift affected communities and help them them get back on their feet for the long-term.

Ebola Response

A country hard hit by a decade long civil war, Sierra Leone faced further hardship during the recent Ebola crisis that raged from May 2014 until March 2016. With over 14,000 confirmed cases of Ebola and nearly 4,000 deaths in Sierra Leone, Ebola wreaked havoc on every family and every community. HealeyIRF was one of the first on the ground bringing food and medical supplies to those in need and providing training to communities on how to fight and defeat Ebola.

With our partners Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation, Brother’s Brother Foundation and MAP International, the Healey Ebola Lifesaver Project (H.E.L.P) provided over $5.8 million in medical supplies and food relief to the people of Sierra Leone. H.E.L.P supported community engagement trainings and social mobilization workshops and trained 150 community volunteers, religious leaders of all denominations, traditional heads of villages and those prominent within the community. We reached over 200,000 in the Western Area and provided critical information on safe burial practices and proper sanitary procedures.

Flood and Mudslide Response

In recent years, Sierra Leone has experienced increasingly heavy rains that have caused devastating floods, all resulting from climate change. Floods and a mudslide in Freetown in August 2017 killed hundreds and left thousands without food and shelter. In August 2019, Freetown was hit once again with deadly flooding. According to eye witness accounts, the flooding disasters brought overwhelming destruction to already vulnerable communities. Many sustained injuries, some lost family members, while others were left homeless.

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