Disaster Relief

Sierra Leoneans have suffered many disasters – civil war, Ebola, flooding, fires, and mudslides. Through Partnering to Serve Humanity, HealeyIRF provides a helping hand immediately. Partnering to Serve Humanity includes HealeyIRF, Caritas-Freetown, Tzu Chi Foundation, and Lanyi Foundation.

294,000 hot meals provided to victims of 2021 Susan’s Bay fire over a period of 49 days.

During Ebola, 200,000 Sierra Leoneans trained in safe water, hygiene, and sanitation practices

$5.8 million in medical supplies and food relief during Ebola epidemic.

In 2020, 21,000 bags of rice provided to 3,800 Ebola survivors.

19,000 hot meals served to 2017 flood and mudslide victims.

Contributes to Sustainable Development Goals