St. Mary's-Fatima Interim Care Center

Healey International Relief Foundation has a long tradition of helping orphans in Sierra Leone. From our support of St. Mary’s Home during the war to present-day Ebola orphans, our efforts provide the love and resources needed to Turn Scars Into Stars. It has been rewarding to see the children grow into young adults and begin their own lives.

The Ebola epidemic reopened old wounds, creating a second wave of orphans. A staggering 12,000 children were left orphaned.  While many have extended families that will help with their care, thousands do not, risking exploitation, stigma, and malnutrition.

HealeyIRF is supporting St. Mary's-Fatima House Interim Care Center at River #2.  Under the watchful eyes of Sisters Agatha, Bernadette and Felicia, 16 girls and 11 boys are now calling St. Mary's-Fatima ICC home.

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