It is impossible to tell the story of every child but each has a wonderful story of survival and resiliency. Below are three stories of children who have struggled but have so much joy for life and great expectations for their future. 

Healey International Relief Foundation has a long tradition of helping orphans in Sierra Leone. From our support of St. Mary’s Home during the war to present day Ebola orphans, our efforts provide the love and resources needed to Turn Scars Into Stars. It has been rewarding to see the children grow into young adults and begin their own lives.

The Ebola epidemic has reopened old wounds, creating the second wave of orphans. A staggering 12,000 children have been left orphaned and while many have extended families that will help with their care, thousands do not, risking exploitation, stigma and malnutrition.

HealeyIRF is leading efforts in the Western Area of Sierra Leone where over 2,000 children lost their families. Concentrating our efforts at two Interim Care Centers (ICC) in Newton and Cline Town we are providing the children shelter, food and education.

In addition to the ICC’s, we are providing support to 300 orphans who have found extended family or foster families to care for them.

These new families; however, need a little help with education fees and other daily needs and we are stepping in to provide this assistance.

In all our efforts a safe and nurturing environment for the children is our number one priority.

Turning Scars Into Stars