Our Work

Healey International Relief Foundation works throughout Sierra Leone to strengthen the healthcare system, care for orphan and vulnerable children, provide for socioeconomic and community development and respond to emergencies, such as Ebola.

Why Our Work Matters

♥ Sierra Leone ranks 179 out of 188 on the UNDP Human Development Index and a life expectancy at birth of 51.3 years

♥ Sierra Leone has an infant mortality rate of 87.1/1,000 live births

♥ Sierra Leone has an under-5 mortality rate of 120.4/1,000 – one of the highest rates in the world

♥ 52.3% of the population lives on below $2 a day

♥ Sierra Leone has a high maternal morality rate of 1,100 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births

♥ Sierra Leone had over 14,000 confirmed cases of Ebola and nearly 5,000 died from the virus

♥ Sierra Leone has very few physicians with a density of only 0.02 per 1,000 patients

Current Projects

Healey International Relief Foundation is a member of InterAction and part of the NGO Aid Map project. This project makes data publicly available on development and humanitarian projects around the world.

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