Continued Relief for Flood and Mudslide Victims

“The Government of Sierra Leone did not aide me in my time of need.  When the Mudslide came through my community, I was left without a home.  I thank Caritas, Tzu Chi Foundation and HealeyIRF as they came in and provided relief to all those in need.  They rented a place for me to stay, provided me rice, which is very nice for poor people who cannot afford expensive ingredients, and the rice tastes delicious, even without butter.  I came back to receive my donation for the second time.  This donation is much needed as it is happening during the rainy season when hunger sits well in our communities.  There has been little food for us to survive on, while I have been searching for a job,” exclaimed Noah Sillah, former resident of Mortomeh community, lost his child, home and properties.

On August 14th, 2017, Sierra Leone experienced heavier than usual rains producing extensive flooding and a devasting mudslide. The disaster affected thousands of people in various communities in the western area.  HealeyIRF in partnership with Caritas Freetown and Tzu Chi Foundation immediately responded with emergency relief, providing care through the Mobile Health Clinic and hot meals.  We have since been distributing rice to the victims that have been displaced and aiding in rehabilitation.

Our most recent distribution was held in the communities of Dwazark, Kamayama, Kaningo, Culvert, Lumley, Juba, Regent/ Mortomeh over the course of a week.  With help from our partners, we were able to distribute rice to approximately 3000 survivors.

The distribution process was quite a success, with the greatest number of beneficiaries coming from the Regent/Mortomeh community and were mostly women.  The supply was made to the beneficiaries who presented their valid survivor’s identity cards, in turn receiving rice.  The rice was distributed according to the size of the household.  About 10 kg was given per family member, those with larger families received 60kg or more in rice.

Survivors of the flooding and mudslide were greatly appreciative for the continued support especially considering the rainy season is upon us. On average, Sierra Leone sees about 245mm of precipitation each month, but that number drastically increases during the months of June to November (roughly 750mm in July and August).  HealeyIRF will continue to support these victims during these trying times.