First 2017 Shipment of Medical Supplies Arrives

Medical Supplies

Our first shipment of medical supplies for 2017 recently arrived in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  

Father Peter Konteh, Executive Director Caritas-Freetown and Sister Josephine Amara, the new Health Coordinator for Caritas-Freetown stand outside our Brookfields warehouse.  They were on hand to coordinate the unloading and storing of the medicines.

Supplies were provided to HealeyIRF as a result of  our partnership with MAP International. The donated value of the shipment is approximately $2.6 million.  This shipment includes pain medications, antibiotics and vitamins for pregnant women.  These medical supplies are used throughout the Charity Health Network.   The network consisting of four hospitals, nine clinics, and a Mobile Health Unit provides life saving care throughout Sierra Leone.

Medical Supplies Welcomed by new Health Coordinator

Sister Amara remarked, “I am new to the Caritas-Healey Team but very excited to begin my new responsibilities.  This shipment of needed medical supplies is invaluable as we care and tend to those needing health treatments.  I can hardly wait for the next shipment!”

That next shipment is coming soon Sister Amara!

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