Women & Children…our priority in Sierra Leone

mothers and children

Sierra Leone has one of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world. Reducing these mortality rates for women and children is a priority for HealeyIRF.  As a result, providing prenatal and post-natal care is a key component of care throughout the Charity Health Network. 

Pictured above, women await these services at HealeyIRF supported St. Anthony Clinic for the Poor. The clinic, located in Freetown, serves a catchment area of over 39,000. Approximately 800 patients per month are seen at St. Anthony’s, many women seeking care during their pregnancy and later for their children.

Support of medical supplies welcomed by staff

Nurse Bakarr noted that the support from Caritas Freetown and HealeyIRF help, “keep our clinic so clean and the patients are happy to come to this facility, it is clean, healthy and safe because of your help. You can see the bed linens and other supplies at use.”

Further she said that, “being a free of charge facility we do not collet money to be able to pay for high quality materials but with your support we are able to save lives of both mothers and their babies with God’s grace. Thank you for the support.”

Our commitment at HealeyIRF is providing the support necessary to increase access to care. In addition, improving the quality of care available to vulnerable populations is a priority. Working together with healthcare personnel, such as Nurse Bakarr, we know we will be successful.

Our children are our future and one of the basic responsibilities is to care for them in the best and most compassionate manner possible.
-Nelson Mandela