unspecified-4Mamie’s Story

The story that surrounds eight year old Mamie is a very touching one. Mamie was living with her mother and brother in Freetown. Her  aunty came by to pick her up and spend the weekend with their family who lived in the Port Loko District in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. During her stay, one of her cousins became very ill and died suddenly.

Since Ebola was beginning to be diagnosed, they did a swab from the deceased girl and discovered it was in fact the Ebola virus that she died from. Mamie’s aunty became infected shortly thereafter. The entire family isolated her, but Mamie stayed close and attended to her sick aunt. Unfortunately, her aunty did not make it and passed away.

Mamie then returned home to Freetown to be with her mother. One week upon her arrival home her mother became infected with Ebola and was brought to the Waterloo treatment center. Mamie and her older brother began to show symptoms of having the virus and were also admitted for treatment. Mamie was able to battle through the virus, but her mother and brother did not survive. She was left at the center all alone, with no family to claim her. Caritas Freetown social workers were called to help with the case and brought young Mamie to the Newton Interim Care Center.  She is now in Class II at the Better Way Primary School and is a good student.

The needs for this young population are vast. Education, housing, psychosocial support and food are the primary focus, but the children also need to remember what it’s like to be a kid and have fun. HealeyIRF has sent shipments of supplies, many donated by our supporters that included games, toys, clothing, books, and sports equipment.

We are currently raising funds to continue to provide food, clothing, toiletries and medical treatment as well as psychosocial support to these vulnerable children. If you would like to support our efforts click here to see how.

Turning Scars Into Stars