Survived’s Story


Survived, who lives at the Fatima House of Light Interim Care Center, will astound your faith in the resilience of children. Published in Sierra Leone’s Standard Times by Mohamed Konneh, this is a story about survival:

“Six-year old John Fatorma commonly known as ‘Survived” is now a happy kid rescued by Healey International Relief Foundation. This boy, who is commonly called Survived, had a difficult past despite his age left alone to fend for himself.”

The story goes on to describe John’s (Survived) life after he lost his parents to Ebola;

“Survived woke up daily to fend for himself, only to buy bread for to eat and play around the unfinished buildings around his location. Survived was always found around some construction site, just wandering around and looking for something to eat or begging for little amount that he used to buy bread or whatever comes to mind. He is now at the Fatima Interim Care Center with support from Healey International Relief Foundation.”

Only in darkness can we see stars. It’s a safe bet that “Survived” fell asleep alone each night in an unfinished building, gazing up at the stars and perhaps wishing for some help while whispering to his parents up above. Survived does have a bright future now and we are happy to report he is in school, happy and feeling the love from his new found “Aunties” and brothers and sisters at Fatima House of Light.

The needs for this young population are vast. Education, housing, psychosocial support and food are the primary focus, but the children also need to remember what it’s like to be a kid and have fun. HealeyIRF has sent shipments of supplies, many donated by our supporters that included games, toys, clothing, books, and sports equipment.

We are currently raising funds to continue to provide food, clothing, toiletries and medical treatment as well as psychosocial support to these vulnerable orphans. If you would like to support our efforts click here to learn how.

Turning Scars Into Stars