72% of the population in Sierra Leone lives on less than $1 a day — less than $1 a day is classified as extreme poverty. ¬†In addition, 60% of those between the ages of 15-35 are unemployed. ¬†Promoting economic and community development are key factors to bringing stability to Sierra Leone, reducing poverty and creating better healthcare.

Through the establishment of a social enterprise, HealeyIRF plans to create jobs for the people of Sierra Leone and ensure the sustainability of HealeyIRF charitable programs.

The plans for the social venture include a facility that will produce needed medical products for Sierra Leone and the entire Mano River area. The facility will be located in an existing Special Economic Zone industrial park outside of Freetown with access to a developed and very good road network leading to Freetown and upcountry Sierra Leone.

It is expected that over 250 jobs will be created by this social venture and will include management positions for Sierra Leoneans. An additional 500 indirect jobs will be created.

Economic analysis shows that this social venture has the potential to contribute over $5 million annually to the economy of Sierra Leone and will provide a new manufacturing capability to the country.

Finally, as a social venture, surpluses will be used to support the sustainable delivery of healthcare services throughout the Charity Health Network.