Why Our Work Matters


♥ Sierra Leone ranks 179 out of 188 on the UNDP Human Development Index and a life expectancy at birth of 51.3 years 

♥ Sierra Leone has an infant mortality rate of 87.1/1,000 live births 

♥ Sierra Leone has an under-5 mortality rate of 120.4/1,000 – one of the highest rates in the world 

                 ♥ 52.3% of the population lives on below $2 a day 

♥ Sierra Leone has a high maternal morality rate of 1,100 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births 

♥ Sierra Leone had over 14,000 confirmed cases of Ebola and nearly 5,000  died from the virus 

♥ Sierra Leone has very few physicians with a density of only 0.02 per 1,000 patients 

Did you know?

The capital of Sierra Leone is Freetown.

Sierra Leone has a population of over 6 million and is slightly larger in size than West Virginia.

The currency is called the Leone.

Sierra Leone is home to the pygmy hippopotamus and the dwarf crocodile.

Named by a Portuguese explorer — Sierra Leone means “Lion Mountain”